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Bring your Event to Life, and Raise more Money for your Cause.

Brad Kinney is a one-of-a-kind auctioneer. That’s probably because, while he’s superior at what he does, the experience and outcome he delivers are far beyond expectation.


With a charismatic, funny, personable and natural style, Brad has a way of engaging people immediately. With his unique ability to build immediate connection, join himself to the people in the room, unite them with one another and connect everyone to the cause, Brad creates a positive energy, spirit and vibe like no one else.


Most importantly, Brad is passionately committed to working with you and your organization in partnership. He never forgets your purpose—to raise money for something that really matters.


Brad Kinney’s Auctioneering Services include, but are not limited to:


  • Creative and Proven Ideas for Raising Money

  • Serving as ‘Master of Ceremonies’

  • Full Silent Auction Support

  • Spotters to drum up Enthusiasm and Drive Motivation to Bid and Buy

  • Connection with the Audience

  • Pre-event Coordination Support

  • Partnering with Committees

  • Orchestration of Event Flow

  • Direction with Auction Item Ordering


If you’re looking for an expert auctioneer who will help you create an exciting auction event that’s successful beyond compare, contact Brad Kinney today.

When I'm auctioneering for a cause, I'm in the right place at the right time; it's so gratifying to bring a room together and to see the momentum build, the excitement increase, and everyone's purpose for being there, fulfilled.
-Brad Kinney
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